Hello world! The name’s Doug. I am a student-athlete at a small-time college. Currently friends with everyone but a boyfriend to no one, I have had quite the experience of balancing sports, academics, a social life, and a spiritual life while trying to stay sane and not die of not enough sleep, Jesus,  or ramen. Although I’m still learning about life, I’d like to think that I can help people out in the whole balancing out the various things that plague us all and take up our time. Being able to focus on what’s important in your every day life (and what isn’t) is pretty important in accomplishing what you really want to get done in life.

So, what does this balancing act look like? Well, there’s a lot of falling involved. A lot. But that’s why I’m still here. Mistakes are probably the best learning tool that we have. Simply put, mistakes suck. Like, they suck all the suck. But that’s ok, because of two awesome reasons. One is forgiveness. The other is the motivation you get from it. Not settling with failure, not letting it define you and getting back up again is what should be your defining character. So starting here, right now, we’ll take this journey together and learn how to train yourself.